About Us

Guacamole is a Montreal-based company founded in 2020. The company is dedicated to creating toys, accessories, bedding and baby/children clothes. The company's mission is to always offer a product of irreproachable quality and safety. A carefully thought-out product, down to the smallest details.  

We truly believe in the philosophy of slow living and mindful maternity.

'' The story of Guacamole begins with the birth of my first child. My son, Louis. He doesn't know it yet, but thanks to him, I was able to find enough courage to make this project a reality. Finally! I had a real reason to follow the path I had given up many years ago. I hope, this business will reflect hope and determination for my children, who one day will also seek for their place in life. May it reminds them of the importance of always choosing themselves first. ''


- Melissa